You can rely on us: Multitech Building has performed inspections for homeowner’s insurance in South Florida for over 20 years.
To request an inspection, or just to ask a question, please use our contact info at the bottom of the page. For more info on any specific inspection see our INSPECTIONS tab on top of the page.

We keep records: With the same ownership and organization since 1998, we have kept all reports and photographs (since digital photo were introduced in 2004) on more than 10,000 inspections. Our Company was not created to fill a specific market need when Mitigation Inspections were created but we have been  an established Inspection Company since 1998.

We are specialists in Inspections for Insurance purposes, we choose not to offer Real Estate Inspections or Home Inspections and our reports do not replace them.
Please do not rely on a 4 Point, Roof Condition nor Mitigation Reports to take real estate, building, repair or financial decisions.
Consult an Specialist.