Welcome to the Multitech Building website! This is where you can find all the information about our services.

Who we are:

Multitech Building is a family owned business servicing the State of Florida. Our family has assisted asset management companies/banks and Real Estate Brokerages with repairs and maintenance of thousands of REO properties since 1998. We do not work with Investors or private parties, ONLY in REO and corporate owned properties. Our company understands the need for fast response and efficient service in this area of the real estate market. Our goal is to provide you with all services required on your REO asset.
We have been Fannie Mae vendors since 1999.

Clients: Fannie Mae,PAS,Wells Fargo,Invitation Homes and many others.

General Contractor Services.
Since 1999 we have worked in REO and corporate owned properties providing services from trash out, paint,plumbing,locksmith, HVAC service, bring code violations to compliance, etc, to Final Sales Cleaning.

Insurance Inspections for Home Owner’s Insurance .
For over 14 years, Multitech Building has performed inspections for insurance. Due to our experience , we are the choice of many insurance agents in South Florida.Request inspection

State of Florida General Contractor CGC060943
State of Florida Home Inspector HI4115
U.S. E. P. A. Lead Remodeler
LEAD SAFE Certified Firm
Mold Inspector IAC2 Certified
State of Florida Mold Remediator MSRS1254